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The Launch of Prestburyweb

Welcome to the very first news item from Prestbury Web – AKA Oliver Wood free-lance web master and developer. This new site is intended to give you the clearest and most succinct overview of the services I can offer to either small businesses or agencies / companies wishing to employ a kind of techy odd-job man.

The Prestbury Web website is a conventional ‘flat’ html build with php ‘includes’ functionality, I spent a fair amount of time getting all content and files to validate – as they should; and also achieve the plus 90% score in GT Metrix for load speed – beautiful. URIs are correctly ‘written’ with file extensions as they always should be on ‘flat’ sites with page files in the server root. The site was built from the ground up using the excellent Bootstrap framework. I’m still a big fan of hand coding in Notepad++ and no LESS or SASS compilers were hurt in the making of this site, though weeding out the CSS bloat in bootstrap is quite a tedious task. Most, if not, all of my ‘flat’ builds will be based on Bootstrap as I think it is one of the best frameworks available. As for WordPress, I am a big fan of the ultra stable and well resourced Genesis Framework and will use this for most of my WordPress work, thereby guaranteeing the most gorgeous, SEO safe and compliant builds in WP – never easy that.

I hope you have enjoyed the site so far, or at least found it to be clear, informative and easy to understand? That is really what good websites should be all about now. Everybody wants to get the info they are looking for in the least time possible and although I was tempted to go for a more ‘designed’ look I finally came to my senses and realised that the current layout is probably the one that most accurately communicates my objectives and abilities. It is quite a good example of how it is possible to create a good info site with little or no original ‘assets’ using only vector ‘font’ graphics and google fonts.

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